universal rules for narrative gaming


When you make a decisive action, roll 2D6 and look at the highest value.

  • 6 = the action succeeds better than expected

  • 4::5 = the action succeeds as expected; the referee makes a soft move

  • 1::3 = the action fails and the referee makes a hard move

modifying difficulty

If the action is particularly difficult, as perhaps you might lack a necessary skill or be forced to rush, discard the first 6 you roll.

If the action is something you're particularly skilled at, you won't fail even if you roll 1::3. The referee will still make a hard move.


A soft move establishes or exploits a situation in the narrative.

FOREX: Conch reloads their weapon but notices that their ammunition is running low. Another soft move might use up the last of the ammunition.

A hard move immediately establishes and then exploits a situation.


text and design by Sean F. Smith
inspiracion drawn from John Harper's Blades in the Dark and his World of Dungeons
the text of this game is CC BY-SA 4.0